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This month we are reminded...

...of the Father’s love for His creation- mankind. He sent His only Son to be born a mortal man to experience the onslaught of Finite life and a sinful world to rescue us and to ultimately receive us at the heavenly pearl gates. One can only be endlessly grateful for the Father’s decision NOT to leave us to suffer in vain the challenges and difficulties we face time and time again as we walk through a dying world. Praise be to Jesus, who was born a lowly and humble birth, just as many of us can relate to- for he was born to call the foolish things into a royal divine priesthood.

He was born to give you mortal life to the fullest and to experience true happiness. He was born to give you ETERNAL LIFE. For Jesus’ birthday month- the greatest gift you can give to The Father... is your choice to live for him and surrender your will, heart and life. He deeply loves you!

As we approach the six-month mark- the church is fighting with all we got to finish the 2019 year stronger than ever! We are battling through prayer, fasting and love to see the great blessings God has for our individual lives and for the church. We are seeing people grow and develop a deep hunger for the spiritual truths of God’s word. For we are energized and invigorated for what God has for us in 2020, its going to be one awesome year!

Pastors Pete & Mia Morales 


Celebrating Over 30 Years In Our Community!

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